chlormint / leave the night behind / tv commercial / aug 2014

An off beat musical that illustrates what happens one night as Rintu Babu proceeds to paint the town red only to return home with the minty fresh breath of chloromint in his mouth.

Directed by Pratima & Mahee Pal
Produced by Pratima Pal
Agency : Mccann Erickson
Animation : Pratima Pal, Mahee Pal, Sadek Merchant, Rajesh Mahapatra
Modeling and Texturing : Mahee Pal, Pratima Pal, Akshay Jadhav
Lighting : Pratima Pal
Storyboarding & 2D VFX : Vivek Karandikar
Music & Sound design : Nandkishor Tarter, Chinmay
Colour Styling : Gitanjali Rao
Concept art and Character Design : Karthik Subramanian, Gitanjali Rao, Kunal Mhab

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