godrej women’s day 2014 / dance to my tune / web campaign / live-action / april 2014

These 5 live action films of 40-50sec videos for women’s day viral campaign initiated by Godrej and produced entirely by Digitalclay is now online on www.dancetomytune.com.
Accessible only to the fairer sex who can upload pictures of themselves and their hubby’s consequently making them dance to their tune while doing various chores around the house like whipping up a meal to doing the laundry.

Client : Godrej
Agency : J.W.T. Mumbai
Creative Director : Keshav Naidu
Director : Mahee Pal
Producer : Pratima Pal
DOP : Sachin Sonavane
Asst. DOP : Rakesh
Editor : Pradip Patil
Art Director : Nandan & Subhash
1st Assistant Director : Mon Pal
2nd Assistant Director : Nachiket Ambe
3rd Asst. Director : Akshay Jadhav

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